An 8-session fully customisable
mindfulness training template


New Meditation and Lesson Summaries

First, by popular request, we added an audio-file of the three-minute breathing space meditation, including the full transcript of this meditation in pdf and word format. Second, we added summaries of all the lessons in the train-the-trainer course. You can simply...

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Train-the-Trainer Course

Mindfulness X now includes a teach-the-teacher course that teaches you what is needed to effectively deliver the training. Hugo Alberts shares his personal and professional experience in teaching mindfulness and addresses questions like: How can I safely practice...

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New Meditation and Lesson

We are proud to introduce a new update of Mindfulness X. A summary of all the new features are discussed below: We have introduced a lesson section on the website. The goal of this session is to help you apply mindfulness in the most effective way. The first lesson is...

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Participant Area

The website now includes a dedicated area for your participants with videos per topic. These videos offer additional insights in the topics that are discussed in each session and may help to deepen the understanding of mindfulness.

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Mindfulness X.com

Welcome to Mindfulnessx.com. We designed this website for you and your participants to gain access to the latest version of Mindfulness X and profit from the updates that are included in this package. Enjoy!

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This training was developed to systematically increase mindfulness not only through mindfulness practice but also by covering the underlying mechanisms of mindfulness. For instance, in addition to practicing meditation, this training also answers questions like:

What happens when I meditate?”, “Why does meditation help reduce the impact of negative thoughts?”, “Why should I become aware of judgments I make?”. Understanding the underlying mechanisms makes it easier to apply mindfulness in a wide range of contexts and counteracts the misconception that mindfulness is a trick or technique, rather than a way of being.

The combination of the practice and the psychology behind mindfulness has been proven very helpful for many people. Over a number of years, this training has benefitted hundreds of people with an approach that helped them better understand the workings of the mind and directly put insights into practice to create a more balanced life.

Mindfulness is a complex and multi-faceted construct. By addressing the most important elements of mindfulness, one-by-one, this training breaks down mindfulness in a comprehensive way, making it accessible to a large audience.

This training program addresses a different building block of mindfulness in each of the first 7 sessions and integrates these building blocks in session 8. After completing this training, participants have learned to integrate mindfulness into their daily lives and have gained a deep understanding of the essence of the construct itself.