We are proud to introduce a new update of Mindfulness X. A summary of all the new features are discussed below:

  • We have introduced a lesson section on the website. The goal of this session is to help you apply mindfulness in the most effective way. The first lesson is on safe mindfulness practice.
  • We have added an intake form that you can use to screen your participants before admitting them to your training. This form can help you to gain a clear understanding of your participants’ motivation, expectancies and obtain other relevant information. Moreover, this form can help you to prevent yourself from working with people that you are not qualified to work with (e.g. clinical populations).
  • We have added a Body Scan Meditation in audio format.
  • We updated Chapter 5 of the Instruction manual. More specifically, Step #2 (resistance) and Step #3 (acceptance) now include more guidelines. Also, the goal of step #3 was incorrectly displayed. This issue is fixed.